10 Best Touchless Soap Dispenser and Sanitizer for Your Home.

A touchless soap dispenser or an automatic hand sanitizer is not just a modern-looking item in your home. They are often used in public places, but also convenient to wash your hands in the kitchen or bathroom. The biggest advantage of a touchless soap dispenser is that can be used without the need to touch it. Think about past months, people are encouraged to keep good hygiene and wash hands frequently. An automatic hand sanitizer prevents the spread of germs and bacteria.

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How does a touchless soap dispenser work?

A touchless soap dispenser or hand sanitizer is a device that will dispense a certain amount of soap or hand sanitizer. When washing hands, the sensor will sense your hand under the nozzle and activate a pump to dispense a preset amount of soap. Based on the sensor that activates the pump you will find 3 kinds of automatic soap dispenser:
Infrared sensor – The sensors trigger the dispenser pump by sending ultrasound or microwave signals. When your hands are under the nozzle, the signal reflects and the pump dispenses the soap.
Photo-sensor – This is the most common type of sensor and also accessible. This mechanism uses a light beam and a light sensor. When hands, are placed under the light beam the pump dispenses a certain amount of soap or sanitizer.

Passive infrared sensor – The human body heat is detected by the infrared sensor. When you wash your hands and place them in the proximity of the sensor the energy fluctuates. This fluctuation will trigger the dispenser pump to release the liquid soap.

Benefits of Touchless Soap and Sanitizer Dispenser

Apart from being fun to use and nice-looking in our home a touchless soap dispenser has many benefits. Do people wonder if it’s worth it to have an automatic soap dispenser? The answer is definitely “Yes” besides aesthetics you will find many advantages of using a touchless soap dispenser or hand sanitizer:

1. Touchless activation

The first benefit of having a touchless soap dispenser is to able to use it without touching it. You can dispense liquid without the need to push or turn any kind of switch. Think about those times when you come home and you don’t want to spread germs and bacteria all over the place.

2. Germs- stopper

Widely seen in airports, public places, or hospitals touchless soap dispensers and hand sanitizers are a shield against germs. With a simple touch on a contaminated item, microorganisms and viruses can spread in a public place even in your own home. That’s why an automatic hand sanitizer, especially in these times is becoming quite popular.

3. Easy to use

With a hands-free soap dispenser, your washing routine is so convenient. You just, have to stick your palm out and the needed soap is delivered instantly. Also convenient and easy to use for kids will encourage them to wash their hands more often.

4. Money-saver and eco-friendly

A touchless soap dispenser will deliver a pre-measured quantity of soap for a person to wash hands. This will reduce spillage and reduce waste of soap or hand sanitizer. Besides reducing your costs a no-touch hand sanitizer dispenser is refillable and intuitive. You won’t buy tons of plastic soap containers and you’ll protect the environment.

Best Touchless Soap Dispenser and Hand Sanitizer Review in 2022

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List of Top Rated Touchless Soap Dispenser and Hand Sanitizer in 2022

and reviews

1. Secura  Touchless Battery Operated Electric Automatic Soap Dispenser Top pick

  • Size: 6 x 3.3 x 8.7 inches
  • Capacity: 500ml / 17oz
  • Material: Plastic
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Soap Type: Liquid Soap
Top Pick
The Secura touchless soap dispenser is the best rated on our list. due to its functionality, large capacity, and design. With its impressive capacity of 500 ml of soap, you won’t have to refill very often. And when you have to, you will see it thanks to its clear soap container.
This automatic soap dispenser has a simple and elegant design that matches any countertop in the kitchen or bathroom. If the lack of space concerns you, the touchless soap dispenser can be wall mounted. You can also match the soap color with your washroom design.
When washing your hands you have the option to preset the amount of soap to be dispensed. A volume-style dial can be set from 0.03 to 0.19 ounces per activation.
Touchless operation is easy and hygienic, and the infrared sensor senses your hand as far away as 2.75 inches. Secura touchless soap dispenser uses 4 AA alkaline batteries. A silicone gasket to the battery compartment keeps the moisture away from electrical parts.
The refill is simple, you can use liquid soap or hand sanitizer. Secura warns about using liquid soap with a high concentration of alcohol and granular soap that can damage the dispenser pump.
You can use this touchless soap dispenser confidently, knowing that you are backed up by a 2-year warranty.



2. Simplehuman Touch-Free Rechargeable Sensor Liquid Soap Pump Dispenser Best Overall

  • Size: 4.4 x 2.8 x 6.8 inches
  • Capacity: 260ml / 9oz
  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Brushed
  • Soap type: Liquid Soap/Sanitizer
Best Overall
Simplehuman is a top-rated brand and this touchless soap dispenser will not disappoint any customer.
You will notice a sleek design with a brushed stainless finish that will blend well in any room design. You can also choose from brass polished stainless steel, and rose gold finishes.
Unlike, other automatic soap dispensers you get a variable dispense just by moving your hand. If you place your hand near the sensor you get a little amount of soap and while you move it farther will dispense more.
Simplehuman is a rechargeable sensor pump, so no worries about changing batteries. You will get a magnetic USB cable for charging the touchless soap dispenser. With one charge Simplehuman will run for 3 months.
This touch-free dispenser is also waterproof, and you can rinse it with water in the sink to maintain its spotless look.
The refill is simple, by its funnel opening and you can use liquid soap or hand sanitizer.
Made to last for years, you get a 2-year warranty and helpful customer support.



3. Hanamichi Soap Dispenser, Touchless High Capacity Automatic Soap Dispenser

  • Size: 7.8 x 3.8 x 3.5 inches
  • Capacity: 400ml/13.5oz
  • Material: ABS+Plastic
  • Finish: Grey
  • Soap type: Liquid Soap
Hanamichi touchless soap dispenser will be the most convenient gadget to use in your home. This automatic soap dispenser uses a precise infrared sensor and PIR sensor technology. To dispense the needed soap amount and let you enjoy a healthy life.
Made out of ABS and durable plastic, this touchless soap dispenser is a perfect choice for your bathroom or in the kitchen. With a large capacity container can be filled with 400ml/13.5oz of soap or hand sanitizer and has a variable dispense setting from 0.5 to 3ml.
Washing hands is efficient and germ-free since you don’t have to touch the soap dispenser. Designed with a waterproof base and rubber seal to prevent water from getting to the battery compartment.
Hanamichi touchless soap dispenser has 12 months warranty service and very good customer service.



4. Ponydash Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

  • Size: 4.72 x 4.33 x 7.87 inch
  • Capacity: 450ml/15.2oz
  • Material: ABS
  • Finish: Silver
  • Soap type: Liquid Soap/Sanitizer
Ponydash is another great option in our list of best touchless soap dispensers and hand sanitizers.
The design is unusual but also attractive. It brings some kind of future gadget in your washroom or in the kitchen. The large-capacity soap dispenser can be used in high-traffic areas or in a busy home. You can refill it with any kind of soap or alcohol sanitizer.
The built-in smart infrared sensor is reliable and precise and prevents cross-contamination. By the touch of a button, you can set variable dispense from 0.5ml to 2ml of soap.
Ponydash tested its touchless soap dispenser and guarantees the pump for 50 000 times life-cycle.
They also offer a 2-year warranty and 30 days’ money back.





5. SIMPLEONE Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser  

  • Size: 5.5 x 5.5 x 8.5 inches
  • Capacity: 230ml
  • Material: Plastic
  • Finish: Silver
  • Soap type: Liquid Soap/Sanitizer
SIMPLEONE Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser is an elegant option that was designed by Philippe Taglioni.
The touchless soap dispenser seems like a piece of art from a well-known gallery, but it will sit on your countertop. It comes in arctic white or liquid silver finish and will blend well with any design in your home.
The touch-free technology lets you dispense a precise amount of soap each time you wash your hands. On the top, you will find a wide opening for a fast refill with your favorite soap , dishwasher or hand sanitizer.
Simpleone touchless soap dispenser is not just good looking but also energy efficient, with a set of 4 AAA alkaline batteries will run for a year.
The company guarantees no messy spills or soap drips due to its silicon valve and offers a 1-year warranty.



6. HadinEEon Automatic Soap Dispenser Best Foaming

  • Size: 4.1 x 3.4 x 7.8 inches
  • Capacity: 350ml/12oz
  • Material: ABS
  • Finish: Silver
  • Soap type: Liquid Soap
Best Foaming
HadinEEon Automatic Soap Dispenser is the first foaming device that we review in our list of the best touchless soap dispenser.
Mix your favorite soap sanitizer with water in a ratio of 1:4 and you will get perfect foam every time you place your hand under the nozzle. The precise infrared sensor and PIR technology will dispense hands-free dense foam soap within 0.2 seconds.
HadinEEon is made of durable ABS and has a large capacity of 350ml/12oz. So there’s no need to refill it every day. A family of 3 can use it for 3 months. Furthermore, this touchless soap dispenser lets you see from a visible window when it’s time for a refill.
The touch-free foaming dispenser has also IPX3 waterproof and a base designed to be leak-free. It is powered by 4 AAA batteries and when you don’t use it for a long time you can turn it off with a simple touch of a button.
HadinEEon is committed to serving customers and delivers their products with 12 months warranty.



7. LDesign Soap Dispenser Automatic, Touchless Soap Dispenser

  • Size: 14.96 x 9.06 x 3.94 inches
  • Weight: 3.3 pounds
  • Material: Brass
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Soap type: Liquid Soap/Sanitizer
Ldesign automatic soap dispenser will bring a smile every time you use it. It works well and it’s very convenient when you want to wash your hands without touching anything.
The design is simple and the touchless soap dispenser does what is meant to do. The sensor is very sensitive, reacts fast, and dispenses the exact amount of soap you need. You just have to mix a ratio of 1:2 of soap and water to obtain the perfect soap bubble.
You can use it in a busy house due to its large 14oz/400ml capacity that will last for a long time. Another advantage of this automatic dispenser is the built-in rechargeable battery.
LDesign automatic soap dispenser is IPX4 waterproof and is provided with 1 year guarantee warranty



8. Zipu Automatic Soap Dispenser Budget Choice

  • Size: 7.9x 4.1x 3.5 inches
  • Capacity: 280ml/9.56oz
  • Material: Stainless Steel/ABS
  • Finish: Stainless Steel
  • Soap type: Liquid Soap/Sanitizer
Budget Choice
Zipu Automatic Soap Dispenser is a brand committed to providing practical smart home appliances for every family.
If you need a touchless soap dispenser with a sleek design and stainless finish, Zipu is a good choice. Its shell is made of 304 stainless steel which is durable and corrosion-free. The capacity of this automatic soap dispenser is 280ml / 9.46oz, not the biggest, but perfect for a small family.
You can fill it with almost any liquid like hand gel soap, alcohol hand soap, or sanitizer. There is also a convenient way to set the amount of soap to be dispensed from 0.5 to 3ml.
This touchless soap dispenser and hand sanitizer use the latest infrared sensor and PIR sensor technology. Power is delivered by 4 AAA batteries included in the package.
The company tests each soap dispenser before sending it to customers and offers 12 months warranty.



9. Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with Steel Stand Touchless Hand Sanitizer Station and Drip Catcher 

  • Size: 13 x 11 x 55 inches
  • Capacity: 1000ml/33.8oz
  • Material: ABS+Steel
  • Finish: White
  • Soap type: Liquid Soap/Sanitizer
Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with Steel Stand is mainly used in public places with high traffic areas.
Although, is a commercial touchless soap dispenser you can use it in a big house at the entrance or maybe in your office. You can mount it on the wall or place it on its steel stand. It also has an adjustable high for adults or children.
The infrared sensor is precise. In the package, you will find a drip nozzle and a mist one. You can change them according to the liquid you use in the dispenser. The refill is simple and is suitable for any kind of soap or hand sanitizer.
You will get a heavy-duty touchless dispenser with 12 months warranty.



10. AIKE AK1205 Wall Mounted Commercial Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser

  • Size: 3.94 x 4.33 x 8.66 inches
  • Capacity: 700ml/23.92oz
  • Material: Stainless steel / ABS
  • Finish: Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Soap type: Liquid Soap/Sanitizer
AIKE AK1205 Wall Mounted Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser is a perfect choice for both residential use or any other public place.
When the lack of space on the countertop is an issue for you this large capacity dispenser is your best option. With a capacity of 700ml, you can refill it once every 3 months
The automatic dispenser is easy to install on the wall, taking into account a distance of 9.84 inches from the countertop. Otherwise, the infrared sensor will not work properly.
Crafted from stainless steel this touchless soap dispenser is rust-proof and also good-looking. The infrared sensor is responsive and precise and you get five levels of soap dispense by a touch of a button.
AIKE AK1205 is powered by 6 AA batteries and works for more than six months without a replacement.
The automatic soap dispenser will last for years and comes with 1-year of warranty support.



What is the best touchless soap dispenser?

The best touchless soap dispenser has to be hygienic and dispense the right amount of soap for washing your hands without touching anything.
New brands are winning their customers with well-designed touchless soap dispensers. While classic brands like Simplehuman attract customers with smart ergonomic designs and advanced features.
We searched on Amazon to find the best touchless soap dispensers based on features and customer reviews. Here are our top 3 picks considering  functionality, design, and features:

Is an automatic touchless soap dispenser worth it?

When it comes to new gadgets people always wonder: Do I really need this thing? In terms of a touchless soap dispenser, the answer is definitely YES.
Especially in these times, when people are concerned about hygiene and washing hands frequently. A touchless soap dispenser eliminates contact, ensuring proper handwashing and healthy life. Even they are a bit pricey, the effect on your health, hygiene, time, and soap savings will make a big difference.

Touchless soap dispenser not working - How to fix it?

An automatic soap dispenser contains several elements, such as sensors, batteries, and a pump. Due to their design and operation, problems may occur. But we’ve made a guide to help you troubleshoot them:

The battery

These touch-free devices use batteries to power and automatically dispense soap when you place your hand under the nozzle. When the power goes low they start to malfunction. Many brands have low battery indicators to warn you that’s time for battery replacement or recharge.

The Sensor

Most touchless soap dispensers use an infrared sensor to sense your hand and trigger the pump to dispense soap. When the sensor is obstructed by the build-up of grime and soap, the touch-free dispenser stops working. Use a soft cloth, water, and maybe some vinegar to remove the build-up that’s blocking the sensor to function properly.

The pump


The pump is the main mechanism of a touchless soap dispenser. Over time soap build-up can occur on the tubing, pump, or nozzle. When the pump or tubing gets clogged, the soap or hand sanitizer won’t be delivered.

To unclog a touchless soap dispenser follow these steps to fix it:

  1. turn the unit off
  2. remove the pump head, nozzle, and tubing
  3. soak those parts in hot water for a few minutes ( you can use some vinegar)
  4. assembly everything together
  5. fill the container with hot water and pump it through
  6. now the dispenser should work properly

Can you put hand sanitizer in a touchless soap dispenser?

The short answer is YES, but you have to check carefully if your touchless dispenser is suitable for hand sanitizer gel. If not you could damage the pump and the dispenser won’t work properly.
There are models of automatic soap dispensers that can handle both liquid soap and alcohol hand sanitizer. Some models are only suitable for liquid soap because their pump can’t handle the high concentration of alcohol that will damage internal materials. And some dispensers can only handle foaming soap.
In our list of best touchless soap dispensers and sanitizers, we reviewed each one and we’ve mentioned what kind of liquid they can handle.

Can you make a DIY Hand Sanitizer?

Sure. But the most efficient way to fight against germs and viruses is the old-fashion handwashing with soap and water. The second option is to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
You can find many types of gel and hand sanitizer from different brands. But isn’t more fun to make your own DIY recipe?
Here are the ingredients:
  • 2 parts isopropyl or rubbing alcohol (91–99 percent alcohol)
  • 1 part aloe vera gel
  • a few drops of essential oil

Mix all the ingredients together until they are well blended. Pour the mix into your dispenser and used it whenever you need it.

touchless soap conclusion
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The best touchless soap dispenser will be different for everyone, depending on each one needs.
Many people will go with a stylish dispenser to give their bathroom or kitchen a luxurious feel. And other will prefer a heavy-duty commercial dispenser to serve a high-traffic area. And there are also families with kids, that want to encourage handwashing and choose funny designs with foaming and bubbles.
Whatever dispenser you choose, we are happy to have been able to guide you and make your choice easier.