Eliminate Rust Sticking To Water Faucet

Have you ever found your faucet become rusty? Usually, the rust that sticks to your faucet is due to scratches on the chrome layer so that the metal comes in contact with moist air. We will provide several ways to remove rust on touchless faucets.

Eliminate Rust Sticking To Water Faucet

Take advantage of aluminum foil

To remove rust on the chrome layer on the water tap you can use aluminum foil. The trick, aluminum foil sheet scissors about 8 cm. Then, dip it in water and rub the aluminum foil in the rusty part until it gently lifts. If rust is still hard to get rid of, use the aluminum foil that has been soaked in soft drinks. The carbonic acid content in soft drinks can create a chemical reaction with iron oxide in rust, so it can help you remove the stain from chrome easily.

Clean with vinegar or lime

The next way, you can use vinegar or lime or lemon liquid. Before using this acid liquid, make sure the rusty area of ​​your chrome faucet has been cleaned of dust and dirt using dishwashing soap. After clean and dry, pour the vinegar or lime juice. Then, wait for about 10 minutes and brush the rusty part with a soft brush or sponge until it is lifted.

Use special oils

To remove rust from the water faucet layer, in addition to the acidic liquid, the homeowner
can also use WD40 oil. The trick is very easy, first, clean the faucet with dishwashing liquid to remove dust and dirt, then wipe the rusty part to dry. Then, apply oil to the rusty chrome layer and rub gently using a brush. Not only can it eliminate rust, but the special oil can also make the chrome faucet shiny again.



Pros And Cons Touchless Faucets




  • Looks basic

Can also baby oil

In addition to using WD40 oil, you can also use baby oil that contains mineral oil to smooth the metal surface and give a shiny appearance to the chrome faucet. The trick, drop baby oil on a dry, clean microfiber cloth, then rub the metal in a circular motion until it is shiny.

Also, here are some tips on caring for your faucet:

If the water in the faucet is dirty, use cotton and a clear plastic sheet. Tie it to the mouth of the tap and the water coming out of the tap will be clean and clear. Replace these artificial filters regularly.

If the tap water is clogged, remove the faucet head, and soak it with vinegar water overnight, then the dirt (calcification) that clogs the faucet will come out. After that, rinse with clean water and put it back. This method is effective if the faucet starts to sound when rotated.